Congratulations - Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra

Congratulations - Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra

Oct 26, 2017


Back row: Andrea Koehler, Isabelle Appel, Robert Schwan, Skylar Fausett-Nonnenman, Emma Cleveland
Front row: Rebeca Garza-Doty, Grace Scheutz, Carolyn Kress, Audrey Scarlett

Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra Festival is a state-wide honors string orchestra experience. It is a one-day affair, held at the same time as the Iowa All-State Music Festival and the Iowa Music Educators Association state convention on November 17. It is held on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, in the same complex as the convention and All-State. There are two orchestras of equal ability in the festival, each with about 90 participants. The groups are composed mainly of 8th and 9th graders, with a few advanced 7th graders.

Congratulations to the following Bettendorf Middle School students for being selected to participate in Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra 2017.

Iowa Junior Honors for Middle School
Rachel Palmer
Bettendorf Middle School Orchestra Teacher

Audrey Scarlett, Robert Schwan, Skylar Fausett-Nonnenman, Grace Schuetz, Rebeca Garza-Doty, Andrea Koehler - Violin

Emma Cleveland, Carolyn Kress - Viola

Isabelle Appel - Cello


Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra
Megan Cooney
Bettendorf High School Orchestra Teacher

Rayanne Brackey, Ryan Harris, Emmersen Haugland, Carter Wolf - Violin

Kaitlynn Flick - Viola

Vicki Davis, Stephanie Rice - Cello

Ava Abbott - Bass

Aidan Goerdt, Ella Kilstrom - Alternates