Bulldog Block Creating Recycled "Farm in a Can"

Bulldog Block Creating Recycled "Farm in a Can"

Apr 06, 2018


Students were challenged to create a sculpture based on life on a midwest farm. The sculpture had to be made of 90% recycThis collaborative sculpture was created in Bulldog Block and will be auctioned off at the Village in Bloom Festival to raise money to support the arts in our community.led materials and had to incorporate an item from an actual farm. The trunk of the tree is a strip till bar(a part of a device that helps prepare the ground for planting).

Artists: Hannah Apple, Peyton Behrens, Chloe Bell, Skylar Burney, Isabella Dannatt, Alexa Hall, Jenna Hazlett, Kolton Jubell, Meaghan Kleindolph, Allie Miranda, Chanelle Maxfield, Ella Priest, Gracie Pruitt, Jenna Simon, Phoenix Slater, Rory Spooner, Grace Strums, Isabelle VanDeWiele, Natalee Wagner, Brooklyn Wilkison

Special thanks to Ms. Dierickx for the item from an actual farm.

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