World War II Medic shares his experiences with 7th grade students.

John Gualtier, a World War II veteran from Vinton, Iowa, visited with 7H1 & 7H2 students on April 10. Mr. Gualtier was a combat medic who helped liberate the Gunskirchen Lager Concentration Camp in Austria on May 4, 1945. John was 19 and had been a medic in World War II for a year before helping to liberate the concentration camp. The Gunskirchen camp opened in April 1945 and its purpose was to house thousands of Hungarian Jews. When the American troops reached the camp, the Nazi guards had fled and left behind 15,000 sick and starving prisoners among the dead. One of Mr. Gualtier’s first priorities was to distinguish which prisoners were living and to treat them the best way he possibly could. Mr. Gualtier didn’t carry any weapons, only scissors and bandages to do his medic work during World War II. A long line of BMS students waited to shake Mr. Gualtier’s hand or receive a hug from him and thank him for his service.

Ron Geiger, a Vietnam veteran, introduced Mr. Gualtier.