Student Services

BMS Counseling Department's mission is to provide student centered support and advocacy that enriches the middle school experience and facilitates students reaching their full potential.

Middle school counselors enhance the learning process and promote academic, career and social/emotional development. School counseling programs are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, set informed career goals and realize full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the world community (ASCA, 2019).

The BMS Counselors work with all students and stay with their class of students throughout 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. The School Social Worker works with BMS students who have been identified by the School Counselor for additional support.

Please feel free to reach out to your child's counselor at any time by phone or email.


Sherri Johnson

(563) 359-3686, ext. 5009


Brenna Clifton

6th Grade Counselor
(563) 359-3686, ext. 5029


Kris Tieso

8th Grade Counselor
(563) 359-3686, ext. 5010


Scott Schalk

7th Grade Counselor
(563) 359-3686, ext. 5216


Ashley Sotelo-Ashby

Social Worker
(563) 359-3686, ext. 5011



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