Learning Grids and Virtual Learning Support - April 14

Learning Grids and Virtual Learning Support - April 14

Apr 15, 2020

We hope all of you are finding ways to stay safe and healthy during this time of unique challenges. The Covid 19 virus has significantly impacted our lives, particularly in learning. Last Thursday, we shared a new 5 x 5 learning grid that identified new standards and learning targets for your student(s) in their respective curricular areas. With the challenges we are facing we have worked to be equitable in the learning plans we are presenting and we have paper and pencil learning grids available at BMS for students and families that do not have technology access. Grids will be shared weekly on Fridays for learning targets for the next week.

As we move forward in this new learning process, there will be a need for your students to have opportunities to virtually meet with their teachers through a couple of different online formats. We have been using Google Meet and Zoom to address most of these meetings in our district. Please know that if your student is having trouble with a learning standard, they need to reach out to the teachers via email to schedule a virtual meeting or to access a teacher during the teacher’s scheduled office hours. We do ask the students or families please give the teachers adequate time to respond to requests for assistance. In order to avoid inundating you with emails asking permission, we would like you to contact Chad Uhde at (563) 359-3686 ext. 5004 or via email at cuhde@bettendorf.k12.ia.us if there is a particular reason or you are not comfortable with your student(s) partaking in a virtual meeting.

Teacher and Administrator Office Hours (Beginning 4-15-2020):

Language Arts
Monday-Friday 2:00-3:00

  • Lisa Barnes-8H2
  • Jessica Blaum-7H1
  • Angie Bridges-Reading Boost
  • Kait Burke-8H1
  • Landon Fry-8H2/Honors
  • Amanda Hutchinson-7H2/Honors
  • Pam Inch-7H1
  • Taylor Johnson-7H3
  • Keely King-6H1
  • Jillian Knott-6H2
  • Jill Kull-6H2
  • Rita Manwiller-Reading Boost
  • Stephanie Maxwell-6H3
  • Sue Owen-6H1/Honors
  • Emily Pendleton-8H1
  • Rachel Rankin-7H2
  • Kelly Turner-Honors
  • Mary Uhde-8H3

Monday-Friday 1:00-2:00

  • Melissa Bixby-Honors, 6th and 7th
  • Keegan Boyd-6H2
  • Jennifer Dietz-6H1
  • Brock Halverson-Algebra and 8th
  • Ashley Korves-Algebra and 8th
  • Tim Loss-Math Boost
  • Jennifer McNab-Honors and 7th
  • Curt Shepherd-Algebra and 8th
  • Kris Wagner-Honors and 7th

Social Studies
Monday-Friday 11:00-12:00

  • Ron Bergman-7H3 and 8H3
  • Shannon Clayton-8H2
  • Deb Crocker-6H1
  • Kym Daurer-6H2
  • Lori Hatch-8H1
  • Cheryl Johannsen-7H2
  • Beth Laughbaum-7H1
  • Nick Myers-6H3

Monday-Friday 8:00-9:00

  • Erin Allen-7H3 and 8H3
  • Brad Cole-7H1
  • Tanya Gilmore-8H2
  • Nate Hernandez-8H1
  • Faith Leatherman-6H3
  • Emily Maddox-6H2
  • Olivia Meincke-7H2
  • Kevin Roling-6H1

Special Education
Monday-Friday 1:00-2:00

  • Susan Adams
  • Perry Bentsen
  • Anne Berry
  • Emily Border
  • Heidi Claussen
  • Lisa Cox
  • Kristy Egger
  • Dain Hendrickson
  • Kim Miller-Johnson
  • Zach Neuerburg
  • Michelle Silvera
  • Matt Thompson
  • Mindy Webster

World Language
Monday-Friday 2:30-3:30

  • Florence Awoukeng-German
  • Amanda Hoffman-Spanish
  • Catherine Keech-French
  • Brian Tritt-Spanish

Monday-Friday 1:30-2:30

  • Shannon Budde-Robotics
  • Gwyn Christopher-Coding
  • Ellen Craig-Art
  • Melissa Darnold-Vocal Music
  • Peggy Hamilton-Vocal Music
  • Melissa Hawthorn-Digital Literacy
  • Stephanie Hinds-Band
  • Mark Kuntz-Health
  • Scott Lammers-Physical Education
  • Craig Lennon-Art
  • Tina Matheson-Physical Education
  • Rod Moeller-Physical Education
  • Rachel Palmer-Orchestra
  • Judy Wade-Living Skills
  • Janet Youngs-Band


  • Michelle Bruty Monday-Friday 2:00-4:00
  • Beth Douglas Monday-Friday 2:00-4:00
  • Stephanie Harvey Monday-Friday 1:00-3:00

Social Worker

  • Ashley Sotelo-Ashby Monday-Friday 2:00-4:00


  • Jessica Cline Monday-Friday 10:00-11:00


  • Ann Braught Monday-Friday 2:30-3:30


  • Lisa Reid, Chad Uhde and Lorelei Andedo are in the building each day so please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with anything. We can be reached by email or by contacting 563-359-3686.

Honors Algebra Parents and Students, (if this pertains to your student please read)

My name is Ashley Korves and I am your student’s honors algebra teacher. Because your student is getting high school credit for taking algebra this year, they will have to continue with class and assessments despite the building closures. This document explains how we will proceed with their learning and assessments to help them earn their high school algebra credit. Please share this document with your algebra student and review it together so that both you and your student understand what is expected of them and how they can be successful with this new way of learning.

Please email akorves@bettendorf.k12.ia.us so that I know you and your student are aware of the expectations for algebra.

8th Grade Honors Algebra

Credit/No Credit

The fourth quarter of Algebra will be done on a credit/no credit basis. This means that your student needs to complete assignments and assessments during each interval in order to earn credit. If your student does not complete the assignments and assessments, they will have to repeat algebra next year at the high school. Your student will not need to complete the 8th grade math assignments that are emailed to you weekly with their work for other subject areas. Your student will be working on the algebra assignments in Google Classroom instead of these math assignments.


The fourth quarter will be broken into 5 intervals (assuming that we do not go back to school at all this school year). Below is a list of the time frames for each interval.

Interval 1 - 4/15 - 4/24

Interval 2 - 4/27 - 5/8

Interval 3 - 5/11 - 5/22

Interval 4 - 5/25 - 6/5

Interval 5 - 6/8 - 6/12


Your student’s teacher will be putting 4 assignments in Google Classroom for each interval. Students will have until the last day before the end of the interval to complete these assignments. On the last day of the interval, there will be an assessment. Wednesdays from 1-1:45 pm your student’s teacher will be in a Google Hangout to answer any questions that your student has. If your student is doing well on the formative assessments and does not have any questions, they do not need to attend this Google Hangout. The purpose of this time is for your student’s teacher to answer their questions. Please make sure that your student is writing down examples of specific problems they need help with. If your student has questions that they would like answered before the Google Hangout on Wednesdays, please encourage them to email their teacher. Thursdays from 1-1:30 pm your student’s teacher will have a class for extra help in a Google Hangout. This time will be used for your student to work on extra practice problems with their teacher. Your student will need to email their teacher by at least 12:55 if they would like to be included in the Google Hangout.

Class Set Up

The first two assignments in Google classroom are to do any of the 7x7 Algebra assignments that students have not done over the past 2 weeks. The rest of the assignments in Google classroom for each interval will follow the format below.

  • First, there will be a short video for students to watch that explains the new material for that concept.
  • Second, there will be an assignment in Delta Math for students to complete. As students complete each question, Delta Math tells them if their answer is correct or not. If the answer was wrong, it includes why the answer was incorrect.
  • Third, there is another video explaining the same topic. If your student did well with the Delta Math problems, then they might not need to watch this video.
  • Fourth, there is a formative assessment in Mastery Connect. This formative assessment will not count towards your student’s grade, but will give them an idea of whether or not they understand the material. If they do not do well on this assessment, they should go back and review either of the videos and do more practice problems on Delta Math.

All of these steps are designed to help prepare your student for the assessments they will be taking on the last day of the interval. Your student will not need to turn in anything by email or on paper because teachers have access to their progress in the online platforms (Delta Math, Mastery Connect, and Mangahigh) we are using.


There will be one or two assessments for students to complete the last day of each interval. The assessments will be posted after the Google Hangout on Thursdays and students will have until midnight Friday to complete the assessments. For each assessment, students will be required to get 3 problems in a row correct. The assessment will continue giving them more problems to attempt until they are able to get 3 in a row correct. Because the assessment will allow students to continue attempting problems, there will be no once check/test corrections on these assessments.

Parents’ Help

At the beginning of each interval your student should be watching the videos, completing the Delta Math problems, and doing the formative assessments. Please check in with your students and ask them how they are doing. If they did not do well on a formative assessment, please encourage them to review the videos again and do more practice on that subject. If they have done this and are still confused, please encourage them to attend one of the Google Hangout opportunities or email their teacher for additional help. If you need to contact your student’s teacher, our email addresses are:

Learning/Reading Opportunity:

Attached is some important information for students and parents about a worthwhile learning opportunity that we are fortunate to make available to our students. We hope that you and your student will enjoy using this program.

BMS Lexia PowerUpLetter parent (2).docx

BMS Lexia PowerUpLetter Student (2).docx

Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school and we will make sure to get you an answer.


Lisa Reid, Principal
Bettendorf Middle School

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