2021 Wayne Cheramy Award Winners

2021 Wayne Cheramy Award Winners

Dec 13, 2021


Wayne Cheramy Citizenship Award

Wayne Cheramy was an associate principal at Bettendorf Middle School for many years. In 1984, he became the principal of Middle School and served in that capacity for six years, retiring from education in June of 1990. The Wayne Cheramy Award was instituted during the 1990-1991 school year. The award began as a way to pay tribute to students each year who exhibited the following qualities:

Responsibility, Caring, Respect, and Community.

This award stresses the human attributes that we would like to see all of our students exhibit. We feel that the students recognized with this award exemplify the qualities that Mr. Cheramy modeled as a Bettendorf educator.

Zach Zumwalt

Zach is one of the most respectful students I have ever had in my classroom. He comes in everyday showing his Bulldog Pride. He is respectful, responsible and ready to learn. Zach participates in discussions and is kind to all teachers, staff and students.

Sreya Alla

Sreya, as a new student this year, has not only fit in seamlessly as a Bulldog but has also become a leader in the classroom. Sreya represents the qualities of a fantastic classmate and student -- she is a team player, communicates well, takes pride in her work, is motivated, and above all else is kind. She is not only an amazing addition to my honors class, but to Bettendorf Middle School, and I feel privileged to have now worked with all three of the Allas! :)

Hadley Appel

Hadley Appel is a talented and thoughtful student who pushes herself to try new things or do more. Her positive attitude and willingness to help others bring great energy to the BMS community. On top of that Hadley is a talented artist, who creates amazing works with ease. Congratulations Hadley!

Ishika Motwani

During the 2020-2021 school year, I had the honor and privilege of working closely with Ishika on her National History Day project and as a member of our winning 6th grade Battle of the Books team. I observed first-hand her extremely high level of dedication and appreciation for time commitments and the rigorous processes required from both programs. What truly impresses me about Ishika is her levels of inquiry and passion for learning far exceed her experience and age. Ishika confronts any issue that surfaces with maturity and thoughtfulness, whether it is solving a technical issue or locating a key source of information to deepen her knowledge about a topic. I look forward to this year’s interactions with Ishika in the National History Day program and any other activities in which our paths cross.

Jenna Farwell

I have had the pleasure of having Jenna in several classes. Jenna is polite, well mannered, always willing to share (lifesaver mints) and assist others. She's a true role model in the classroom.

Gabby Wade

I first met Gabby through a screen in spring of 2020. Gabby helped to figure out a way to play Pictionary while we were in virtual learning. I was then fortunate enough to spend my mornings with Gabby in TA last school year when we were able to actually play Pictionary in person. It was a true joy to begin the day. Gabby is a thoughtful, creative, hard-working student who continually demonstrates the qualities of responsibility, respect, caring, and community. Congratulations Gabby, really well deserved.

Faith Wiggins

Faith is a person who puts others before herself, always. Whether it's helping a classmate understand a lesson or assisting an adult with classroom tasks, Faith is ready and willing to be of service to those around her. She is intelligent, motivated, hardworking, and dedicated. She is kind and generous with her knowledge as well as her time; in fact, I believe that other people benefit from Faith's positive attributes just as much as Faith does. I consider myself lucky to have her as a student!

Lucy Wolf

Lucy is a kind, helpful student who always follows the Bulldog Way. She always has a positive attitude and always does her best, all while being a great leader. Lucy already has a strong knowledge of music and still seeks to learn new things. Congratulations on winning the Wayne Cheramy Award, Lucy!

Nora Burns

Every day, Nora emulates the essence of the Bulldog Way - respectful, responsible, and ready. She shows respect to all of her peers and teachers with her kind words and patience. She demonstrates her ability to be responsible by her work ethic and effort on any task, small or large. She greets each day ready with a positive attitude and commitment to learning. These traits make Nora an excellent role model of Bulldog Pride and the characteristics recognized by the Wayne Cheramy Award. Nora, you are well-deserving of the Wayne Cheramy Award! Congratulations!

Max Cockayne

Max is a thoughtful and kind student in class who consistently shows Bulldog pride. Max is a strong leader not only in Orchestra, but also through his actions. He is always a thoughtful, respectful student who is a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations Max!

Addy Cauwels

Addy is an outstanding student with very high expectations of herself. She is a true leader in the classroom. She also is a wonderful young lady who is got a great future ahead of her.

Stella Geifman

It has been an absolute honor to have Sella Geifman in my social studies class this year. She is always helpful, caring, and friendly to everyone. Stella is prepared for class, completes all work on time, and always gives 100%. Stella does a fabulous job following the rules, procedures, and expectations throughout the building. Stella, way to show off your Bulldog Pride every day!

Luna Krauss

When I think of 6th grade students who are excellent role models for their peers, I think of Luna Krauss. Luna is conscientious about her school work and is kind to everyone. She also goes above and beyond by participating in activities at Bettendorf Middle School outside of class time such as Paw Print Press. Just a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of going with Luna to the Opus Honor Choir event in Ames where she did an excellent job of demonstrating Bulldog Pride not only to her Bettendorf peers, but also to other students from across the state of Iowa. Congratulations, Luna!

Leewona Hicock

Leewona is a hardworking student who is always engaged in the lesson and isn’t afraid to ask questions if she doesn’t understand something. She is also friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand to her classmates. In the chorus classroom, I especially see Leewona being a leader by not being afraid to sing out and share her talents in front of others. It is an absolute privilege to be one of Leewona’s teachers at BMS. Congratulations, Leewona!

Willa Halfhill

Willa is always a positive force in TA and class. She is helpful to anyone who needs it, takes her schoolwork seriously, and never has a bad word to say about anyone. She is up for trying anything in class and open to new ways of learning. She is a good advocate for herself and asks questions when needed. She is a great role model for others and it is a great pleasure to know her and have her at BMS!

Destiny Borland

Destiny is a hard-working, intelligent, and kind student. She is always thinking of others. Destiny works hard to help students and adults and constantly reaches out to her peers to make sure that everyone is succeeding. Destiny is a natural leader and my go-to whenever I need help. It is an honor to have Destiny in my class every day!

Qendresa Selmani

I have enjoyed working with Nesa this year in my 6th period Social Studies class. Her attention to details, quality of work and expectations in the classroom make her a top notch student. Not lost in the mix are her soft skills that are just as impressive. Nesa treats everyone with respect, is willing to work with anyone in the classroom and has this “sense of acceptance and kindness” that students and staff enjoy being around. Her opinions are voiced and supported when called upon, and her leadership skills move others to work hard and do the right things. She is an outstanding, multi-talented young woman. Nesa epitomizes the best in the youth of today.