2022 Wayne Cheramy Citizenship Awards

2022 Wayne Cheramy Citizenship Awards

May 13, 2022


This award stresses the human attributes that we would like to see all of our students exhibit. We feel that the students recognized with this award exemplify the qualities that Mr. Cheramy modeled as a Bettendorf educator.

Wayne Cheramy was an associate principal at Bettendorf Middle School for many years. In 1984, he became the principal of Middle School and served in that capacity for six years, retiring from education in June of 1990. The Wayne Cheramy Award was instituted during the 1990-1991 school year. The award began as a way to pay tribute to students each year who exhibited the following qualities:

Responsibility, Caring, Respect, and Community.

Chase Scupham

Chase is a wonderful student to see in the classroom. He has a positive attitude toward his classes every day and even when he makes mistakes, he chooses to learn from them instead of letting them define his day. He continues to be respectful to everyone and at the same time have a wonderful sense of humor and joke around with students and staff. Chase is willing to volunteer and participate in class and add his thoughts to make the class a brighter, more enjoyable place to be. Congratulations, Chase - I am happy to have gotten to know you this year!

Aksel Skogman

Every day, Aksel emulates the essence of the Bulldog Way - respectful, responsible, and ready. He shows respect to all of his peers and teachers with kind actions and patience. He demonstrates his ability to be responsible by his work ethic and effort on any task, small or large. He greets each day ready with a positive attitude and commitment to learning. These traits make Aksel an excellent role model of Bulldog Pride, and the characteristics recognized by the Wayne Cheramy Award. Aksel, you are well-deserving of the Wayne Cheramy Award! Congratulations!

Mitch Martens

Mitch models amazing behaviors in my classroom. He puts effort into all of his assignments and never backs down from a challenge. Mitch is a student who leads by example, demonstrating respect and responsibility. Students follow his lead and I see positive behaviors from those around him. Mitch is eager to learn, and help others if they do not understand what is being taught. I know that I can count on Mitch to do the right thing even when others are not. Keep being awesome!!

Ellie Winkler

Ellie is just wonderful. She comes into class eager to learn and brings with it a great personality and engagement. I have had the pleasure of having her in multiple classes, over multiple years, and in different environments and you can see her smile and laugh both with a mask and without - it is contagious. She is helpful and thoughtful around her peers and is willing to step into new situations and take on new responsibilities that others wouldn’t. An all-around top-quality individual.

Madyson Themas

Mady is someone that can always be relied upon for respectful and appropriate behavior. She is also very helpful with a particular peer with special needs. In class, she is patient and kind, volunteering to walk him to his next class on a regular basis. We are very lucky to have Mady in class.

Brady Bakeris

Brady is hardworking, respectful, and kind. He is the type of student who motivates other kids to do their best. Brady encourages his classmates to do good, and he is an outstanding example of what it means to be a hard worker. He is caring towards his friends, but he is also kind to students he doesn't know as well. Brady does his best work in the classroom and is a leader among his peers; even when things are difficult for him, Brady finds a way to persevere and get done what he needs to in order to be successful. I am happy to have gotten the chance to teach him this year!

Jonah Smith

Johah brings such positive energy to the classroom. He is always excited to be in class and learn whatever we are doing. He works hard on everything he does. He volunteers to help out when he sees you need it. Jonah is a great kid and just an all-around amazing person to be around.

Treya Patel

As the building’s teacher-librarian, I had the honor of collaborating with Treya in two different areas this year. As a member of our Bettendorf School District winning and Eastern Iowa Regional runner-up ICCA Battle of the Books team, Treya demonstrated tremendous sportsmanship and leadership. Treya's calm and dedicated disposition was critical to the team’s success this year. I also had the opportunity to work with her and partner Kenley Jaeger’s state-qualifying group website. Again, Treya demonstrated maturity beyond her years as she researched and shared a critical civil rights topic.

Garrett Willey

I have had the honor of having Garrett in my social studies class this year. He is a kind, polite, respectful, and responsible student. He is always willing to help others along with being a dedicated student who always puts forth his best effort. Garrett is a great role model for all of his peers. He does a wonderful job following the rules, procedures, and expectations throughout our building on a daily basis. Garrett, thank you for showing off your Bulldog Pride every day!

Hadley James

Hadley is a joy to have in the classroom. She is very gentle and kind to others but also a leader in the classroom academically. Other students look up to her and respect her. If I had 130 Hadley’s my life would be very easy as a teacher.

Truman Brooks

Truman is one of the most respectful, responsible, and dedicated students I have had in a long time. He always gives 110% to everything he does. His dedication and love for learning is contagious and a daily reminder to me as to why I became a teacher. Truman’s solid values and work ethic will take him far in life, and I’m excited to see what his future holds.

Lubna Matar

Lubna is the sweetest and most helpful student I have ever had in my classroom. She goes out of her way to try to make your life easier and is a ray of positivity. Even though I only had Lubna for one quarter, she is a student I will remember for many years to come.

Joseph Tompkins

Joey is such a hard worker. He asks questions if he doesn’t understand something. He strives to do his best and persevere, especially when the task is difficult for him. He is kind and reflects what the Bulldog Way is--Joey is always Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. I’m so glad he is in my math class.

Stephen Schwartz

Stephen is a hardworking 7th grader. No matter what the task/assignment is he will give 110%. He asks questions when he is confused and he is helpful to other students when they need assistance. His kindness and dedication to his studies will take him far.

Braylin Moeller

I have had the pleasure of having Braylin in class for both 6th and 7th grade. Braylin comes to class every day ready to work. She is one of the first ones to get started on assignments and frequently participates in class discussions. She even willingly comes up to the board to model math problems for the rest of the class. She consistently shows the Bulldog Way and is a great role model for her peers. She stands up for others and is willing to work with anyone to help them be successful in math class. It has been a joy to have Braylin as a student.

Liam Rehnberg

Liam has consistently been a dedicated student and classroom leader over all three years of middle school. He strives to improve himself and keeps a positive attitude. Liam values teamwork and is kind and helpful to his classmates. He is an incredible musician and an awesome human!

Mateo Troche

Mateo radiates positivity. He walks into class every day with a smile and genuinely greets staff and classmates. He is a dedicated student and tries his best every day. He is a positive role model for his peers and actively works towards making BMS the best place possible.

Landon Gardner

I am recognizing Landon Gardner today. I have enjoyed working with him this year in my 6th period Social Studies class and watching Landon work his “magic” in my class. He brightens up the room with his smile and relaxes people with his laughter. I can always count on Landon to complete his work and get his assignments submitted on time. As a teacher, this is always appreciated. His magic is watching him interact and work with all of the different personality and academic skill sets in my eclectic 6th-period class. Landon treats everyone with respect, is willing to work with anyone in the classroom and has this “sense of acceptance and kindness” that students and staff enjoy being around:) Please give Landon a well-deserved round of applause. Thank you.

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