MS 2nd Quarter Breakfast of Champions

MS 2nd Quarter Breakfast of Champions

Jan 27, 2023

Congratulations to the BMS students who were recognized at this morning's "2nd Quarter Student of the Quarter Breakfast of Champions." The Wayne Cheramy award is given to students who exemplify the following qualities: Responsibility, Caring, Respect, and Community.

BMS was proud to recognize the following students in grades 6-8: William Woodruff, Max Cockayne, Addison Waddick, Gabrielle Wischmann, Dayton McGee, Myla Petersen, Eleanor Hilton, Kaitlyn Koch, James Murray, Ian Belozub, Analise Escontrias, Claire Spencer, Cameron Howard, Emily Eriksson, Jackson Neighbor, and Gracie Laban.

Wayne Cheramy Citizenship Award

Wayne Cheramy was an associate principal at Bettendorf Middle School for many years. In 1984, he became the principal of Middle School and served in that capacity for six years, retiring from education in June of 1990. The Wayne Cheramy Award was instituted during the 1990-1991 school year. The award began as a way to pay tribute to students each year who exhibited the following qualities:

Responsibility, Caring, Respect, and Community.

This award stresses the human attributes that we would like to see all of our students exhibit. We feel that the students recognized with this award exemplify the qualities that Mr. Cheramy modeled as a Bettendorf educator.

Max Cockayne

Max exhibits a positive attitude every day in class. He works well with others during collaborative activities. He also consistently volunteers and actively participates in whatever activity is planned. You can count on Max to always give his best effort and help the people around him. He contributes to a positive learning environment at BMS.

This student is one that does the right thing each day. He follows the Bulldog Pride and cares about his school work. In a class that has some behavior issues, I know I can count on this student to do what is expected. This 7th grader is also a kind individual who has a great sense of humor and will help anyone in class with their work. Teachers who have this student are very fortunate and agree that this student will have a great future!

Ian Belozub

Ian Belozub is new to our school and new to our country. He is a native of Russia and English is a language that he is still trying to master. Ian does not let these roadblocks get in his way, however. He tackles every obstacle that gets in his way with an extreme amount of effort and he does it with a smile on his face. Each morning and afternoon he greets me in front of my room with a smile and an enthusiasm that is contagious. Yon is a great young man with lots of potential.

Emily Eriksson

Every day, Emily emulates the essence of the Bulldog Way - respectful, responsible, and ready - through her thoughts, words, and actions. She shows respect to all of her peers and teachers with her kind words and patience. She demonstrates her ability to be responsible by her work ethic and effort on any task, small or large. She greets each day ready with a positive attitude and commitment to learning. These traits make Emily an excellent role model of Bulldog Pride and the characteristics recognized by the Wayne Cheramy Award. Emily, you are well-deserving of the Wayne Cheramy Award!

Analise Escontrias

I am lucky enough to have had Ana in my science class the past two years. Ana is truly one of the kindest souls I have taught. She has a positive attitude and is a classroom leader. She treats everyone with respect and kindness. I am lucky to have Ana and look forward to what the future has in store for her.

Eleanor Hilton

Eleanor is a kind and intelligent student. She is not afraid to be herself and really thinks things through. She is responsible in class and fits in well with our discussions and ideas. Eleanor represents the Bulldog Way every day in class and I am lucky to have a student like her!

Cameron Howard

Cameron does the little things that make a big difference each day. As he walks into the room he always greets you or asks how your day is going. Cameron focuses on his work and encourages others to do the same. He comes up with creative ideas and puts forth great effort into his work. Cameron is an advocate for himself and others. For these qualities and more, Cameron demonstrates the characteristics for the Wayne Cheramy Award. Congratulations!

Kaitlyn Koch

Kaitlyn is a joy to have in the classroom. Kaitlyn is a true leader. She leads classroom discussions, has strong moral principles, and is willing to help others in class when needed. Her positive attitude is contagious and her work ethic is unmatched. Kaitlyn is a role model for all.

Gracie Laban

Gracie gives over 100% each day in class. She puts forth effort in everything she works on and helps others when working together. She is very responsible in her daily actions. She is a kind, caring student who is willing to help others and collaborate with them. I can always look at her and see that smile to brighten my day in math class! She tackles everything with a positive attitude. Gracie exhibits the Bulldog Way by being ready, responsible, and respectful. We are very lucky to have Gracie in our classes!

Dayton McGee

I have had the privilege of working with Dayton since 6th grade. Over the past 3 years Dayton has been a consistent example of the Bulldog Way. Dayton is a positive role model for his peers by showing up to class on time, having the materials needed and work completed as required. He is eager to learn, participate in class or small group, ask questions and complete his work when expected of him. Dayton has always been the first to greet you with “good morning” and takes the time to tell you to have a good day or a great weekend! His kindness and respect towards others is what we strive for in all of our students.

James Murray

James is a student who takes great pride in his work and has a strong work ethic. James is a classroom leader and takes great pride in being a leader in the classroom. James leads by example and contributes to classroom discussions. He has a positive attitude towards everything we do in class.

Jackson Neighbor

Jackson has a wonderful work ethic and puts 100% in all he does. He is kind to his fellow classmates and always willing to help when needed. His confidence in participating in class is a wonderful example to others in class as he shares ideas, answers questions, and asks questions. He is a true asset to each class he is in.

Myla Petersen

Myla is a kind, helpful student who always follows the Bulldog Way. She shows respect to all of her peers and teachers with her thoughtful words, patience, and warm smile. Myla is ready and willing to work with anyone in the classroom and has this sense of acceptance and kindness that students and staff enjoy being around. I can always count on Myla to be responsible by following the rules, procedures, and expectations in my classroom and throughout our building on a daily basis. Myla’s bubbly personality, beautiful smile, and fun-loving attitude make her a joy to be around:) Congratulations Myla on being selected for a well deserved Wayne Cheramy Award at BMS:)

Claire Spencer

Claire is new to our school this year. She is truly a breath of fresh air. She always has a positive attitude and has an amazing way of always finding the good in everything and everyone. She is a part of one of my most difficult classes yet I have never not seen her without a smile on her face. Claire is a sponge in the classroom always wanting to learn more. We are lucky that Claire has joined our school and I truly look forward to what Claire will accomplish in the future.

Addison Waddick

Addison is such an appropriate choice for Wayne Cheramy for several reasons. She is respectful, responsible, kind, caring, and hard working. She is such a great example and role model to other students in our math classroom. Addison is helpful and kind to other students. I appreciate her quiet leadership as I can always count on Addison to be doing the right thing and giving 100% in whatever I ask her to do. She comes in with a smile on her face and is ready to tackle whatever we might be doing in math class that day.

I enjoy having Addison in my 7th grade math class this year. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for her, both in 8th grade and beyond. I am confident she will do great things!

Gabrielle Wischmann

Gabi is a class act student. She brings a smile and outgoing personality to our classroom while ensuring she leads her peers in a positive and authentic way. She is responsible and completes all of her assignments while helping others in the classroom do their best. She is respectful to staff and students including being a role model to a group of 6th grade students this year. I value having her in my classroom and her strong self worth as a young person to stand up for what she believes in. We couldn't be more fortunate to have someone represent our Bulldogs at Bettendorf. I know Gabi will be amazing in the future and both Taylor Swift and I hope your “Wildest Dreams” come true!

William Woodruff

Will is a fantastic young man. He is personable and positive, smiling whenever he enters the classroom. He is also very patient; for some strange reason it took me a long time to learn his name at the beginning of the year. He just went along and politely corrected me, smiling just the same. Will is bright and works hard on his own and when in a group. He has strong leadership skills and can often be seen leading others in his group in the right direction and pushing them forward. I can count on Will to be a full class participant, offering his ideas and thoughts as well as spreading positivity. I look forward every day to seeing Will in class and I am excited to see where his bright future leads.