Bett Students Place at State National History Day Competition

Bett Students Place at State National History Day Competition

Apr 25, 2023


BEtt Students Place at State National History Day Competition

Congratulations to the 33 students listed below who competed in the State of Iowa National History Day contest at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines on Monday, April 24, and especially the Bettendorf Middle School students who qualified for the National competition in Washington, D.C. from June 12 to June 15, 2023. Thank you to Emily Pendleton, Deb Temperly, Kelly Turner, Kaitlin Burke, Sue Owen, Connie Jeschke, Kym Daurer, Molly Mitola, and Deb Crocker for guiding our students on their projects and the National History Day competitions.

Junior Group Exhibit

  • National Qualifier - Hadley Appel, Addison Woelfel, Kailin Stiles-Pena (8th grade)
    The Apgar Score: Advancing the Frontier of Neonatal Medicine”
  • National Qualifier - Kaylie Husser, Gabrielle Wischmann (8th Grade)
    “Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood: A Frontier in Women's Healthcare”
  • State Finalist - Skye Jungwirth, Addison Faust (8th Grade)
    “Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross Opens Humanitarian Frontiers”

Junior Individual Documentary

  • National Qualifier - Lucy Wolf (8th grade)
    “The Burning River: How the Cuyahoga River Fires Fueled the Creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and Advanced the Frontier of Environmental Justice”
  • National Alternate - Ishika Motwani (8th grade)
    “Lights Out! Revolutionizing Consumerism Through Planned Obsolescence”
  • State Qualifier - Katelyn Kingma (6th grade)
    “Fat Man" and "Little Boy”: The Nuclear Warfare Frontier

Junior Individual Exhibit

  • National Qualifier - Jackson Neighbor (7th grade)
    “The Wright Flyer: How Two Brothers Turned the Sky Into a Frontier of Human Enterprise”
  • State Finalist - Ada Walsh (8th grade)
    “Edward Curtis: How One Artist’s Controversial Photographs Preserved the Native American Culture”
  • State Qualifier - Hadley James (7th grade)
    “The Mayflower Compact: The Maiden Voyage of Self-Government in Colonial America”

Junior Individual Website

  • National Qualifier and Special State Award for Iowa History - Stephen Schwartz (8th grade)
    “The Ponseti Method: How the University of Iowa's Dr. Ignacio Ponseti Revolutionized Clubfoot Treatment”
  • State Finalist - Kiara Motwani (6th grade)
    “Move Over DNA! mRNA: the New Frontier in Modern Medicine”
  • State Qualifier - Greta Huffaker (6th grade)
    “The Radium Girls: Frontiers in Workplace Safety”

Junior Group Website

  • State Qualifier - Isaac McDermott, Haley Agosta, Cameron Howard
    “Navajo Code Talkers: How a Tribe's Unwritten Language Transformed Secret Communications on the Battlefield”
  • State Qualifier - Nora Burns, Kenley Jaeger (7th grade)
    “Making a Way for the Blind: The Seeing Eye”
  • State Qualifier - Sophia Lynch, Elinor Haberman (8th grade)
    “Mary Shelley’s Monster: The Genesis of Science Fiction”

Junior Historical Paper

  • National Qualifier - Truman Brooks (8th grade)
    Los Alamos: The Manhattan Project’s Secret City and Origin of the World’s First Atomic Bomb”
  • National Alternate - Preston Eystad (8th grade)
    “James K. Polk and the Manifest Destiny: Expanding America’s Frontiers to Resurrect Slavery”
  • State Qualifier - Audrey Winkler (6th grade)
    “Dolly the Sheep: Controversy Over the First Cloned Mammal”

Junior Individual Performance

  • State Qualifier - Anna Fiedler (8th grade)
    “Suzanne Spaak, Righteous Among the Nations: How a Belgian Socialite Refused to Sit Idle”

Junior Group Performance

  • State Finalist - Luna Krauss, Olivia McGivern
    “The Harvey Girls: Western Frontier Women Who Made Hospitality A Reality”
  • State Qualifier - Lilah Rasche, Ella Ripslinger
    “Undercover on Blackwell's Island: How Nellie Bly Led the Frontier of Investigative Journalism”

Senior Group Exhibit

  • State Qualifier - Logan Russell, Matthew Gardner (10th grade)
    “The Transcontinental Railroad: A Frontier in Logistics and Economic Advancement”